Meet Her

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Meet Her

Chocolates, a mere mention of the word brings a grin on some one’s face. Smooth, velvety, creamy and luxurious, that’s how real chocolate should taste like. When was the last time you had a chocolate which wasn’t over laden with preservatives? When was the last time you pampered your taste buds with something made out of real love for chocolates?

Or when was the last time you met someone, who makes chocolates because she ..... loves chocolates


Meet Neeti Bhargava. If you have been a radio buff then you must have met her on air waves as Naughty Neeti on RED FM and Big FM. Now she’s a voice for many a TV series. But her true calling is chocolates. That’s why she dons the mask of CHOCOLATE GIRL.

Every time she gets a call out from a chocolate hungry soul, she churns out some handmade delights. And also she comes up with great packing ideas in case you want to gift it. She has learnt the art of professional chocolate making and in her spare time she loves to read & experiment to come up with new flavours.